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The first step is to contract our team to analyze the existing conditions of your property and the local building permit requirements. This insures that your land is properly zoned. At the end of this phase, we provide you with a Feasibility Report, outlining the critical components needed to move forward.

Design & Architect Phase

Our contracting team will work with you, the architect and the structural engineer to develop selections best suited for your property, budget and goals.  For our pre-designed homes, we will work with you to specify materials, after which, Platinum Builders will produce a fixed price for your home and a cost estimate for the site work, which will be performed by the Platinum Builders team.


Once your contract is executed, engineering and permitting begins! We develop and oversee the production of drawings required for submittal, and coordinate with local and state agencies to obtain necessary permits. Once on site, Platinum will use the final engineering drawings to refine many costs for site work.


Our education and knowledge of building stems from performing years of actual on site work.  Platinum Builders works side by side with trusted sub-contractors, creating a team environment and contributing to the fluidity of your dream homes building process.

The owners are the leader of our team, both on site and off. We have no reliance on subcontractors when it comes to the strength and integrity of your structure since all structural work is performed by the master craftsman of Platinum Builders.

Fit & Finish

Upon delivery of all the necessary building components, we put the finishing touches on your new home. A detailed review and approval process is conducted, and your structure receives a Certificate of Occupancy from local building departments. Our journey together is now complete!

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